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Central America was once the land of the Maya's, and so much of their forgotten world still exists today for us to explore and marvel at! 

If you're visiting the countries of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras then we highly recommend you take the time to check out at least a couple of the ruins there! 


The Mayan's occupied all of the land in grey

Sites not to be missed!

PS - We haven't made it to all of these sites yet, although we've ticked off most of them! 

Maya - Belize cover.png

Belize is one of the countries we are yet to visit, so until we have our own stories to share we've found a couple of the sites we'd love to visit across the country to share with you and give you some ideas! 

Belize ruins - Altun Ha.jpg

Altun Ha

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Supposedly the most excavated and the easiest to visit of all of the ruins in Belize, Altun Ha seems to be a must-do when in Belize.  

Belize Ruins Caracol.jpg


As far as we can tell, Caracol is the number one site that you should aim to see whilst in Belize!  Located close to the Guatemalan border and a 3.5 hour drive from Belize City they don't appear to be on an easy tourist route, but being the largest ruins once home to 140,000 Mayan's, it sounds like they're worth the effort of finding! 

Belize Cerros Ruins.jpg


Our third choice for ruins are the Cerros site in Northern Belize.  Located on the beach and just a stones throw from the Mexican border they remind us slightly of the famous ruins of Tulum.  These ruins however have already suffered some loss to the ocean due to rising sea levels, so we suggest getting there sooner rather than later to experience as much as you can! 

Maya Mundo El Sal Cover.png

One of the lesser visited countries in Central America (although also one of our favourites - you can read about it here!)

Although we spent several weeks in El Salvador our timings didn't work out that we could see these ruins, but we'll be hitting them the next time we're in the country for sure! 

El Sal Ruins - Tazumal.jpg

El Tazumal

Located between El Salvador's second City of Santa Ana and the Guatemalan border, El Tazumal are the most well known and must see ruins in the country.

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