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Currency & Costs

El Salvador has used the US Dollar as its official currency since 2001 ($), and in September 2021 Bitcoin was added to the list of legal tender.

El Salvador is not as cheap as you might expect it to be once there!


Dry season in El Salvador runs from around November to April, and it gets hot in that time! 
Rainy season happens over the summer months, although there's not too much difference in temperature.


Given its colourful past you might expect safety in El Salvador to be an issue, but thanks to their young President Nayib Bukele the streets have been cleaned up and safety is now a priority!  We felt extremely safe in all areas of the country, although common sense is still required!

Additional Note

El Salvador is part of the CA-4 (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador & Nicaragua).  This means as a UK or US (we assume any European) passport holder you get 90 days total in the 4 countries under your visa.

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