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The Best 
Cafes to
Work in
Roma Norte


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1. Ojo de Agua



Ojo de Agua is a large chain with many cafes all over Mexico and even Florida, but it's the perfect place to post up for a days work!
The cafe on Zacatecas in Roma is our favourite - it has an outdoor/indoor theme, always has reliable WiFi, great coffee and an extensive food menu - the açai bowl is particularly good!
The location on Havre is also a great place to work with a large, covered outdoor area.
The only slight drawback of both of these locations is that there aren't tons of available plugs - only a few tables have accessible sockets so make sure you charge up for the day!

2. Boicot


Boicot is another chain that you'll find all over the city, but the location on Jalapa is a cool vibe with lots of tables, plugs and amazing coffee based smoothies to keep you going!
The food is 'okay' at Boicot, it has a small/medium length menu with typical Mexican based breakfast foods and sandwiches.

3. Pergamo



One of our later favourite spots is Pergamo!  This is a boutique little cafe which offers great WiFi, large coffees and even a few spots outside if it's a nice day!
This is only a small cafe so the food menu is very limited - but they do offer a variety of great looking sandwiches and açai bowls!

4. Haab


Haab is a specific remote working space in the heart of Condesa that we really enjoy working from.  The WiFi is very strong and stable, there's plenty of tables and even meeting rooms you can book and they also hold events on their rooftop on the weekend!

5. Cardinal Casa de Café


We lived almost opposite Cardinal for part of our time in Roma so Cardinal became a firm favourite to work from!
They offer great coffee and cookies to keep you going and the WiFi works well - the only drawback you might find here is that the cafe is small with only perhaps 15 spaces to sit, and it appears to be a favourite for a lot of people so there may be times when you turn up and there's no space!

6. Peltre



This is our OG go-to cafe to work in Roma thanks to its very central location and stable WiFi.
Peltre has a pretty big food menu offering lots of typical Mexican dishes such as chilaquiles as well as unique coffees like horchata lattes - so you can easily sit in here all day!
There's no chance you can work here on the weekend as there's often a line out the door, however weekdays there's usually always a table available.

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