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A hidden paradise in the jungles of Western Honduras, Lago Yojoa is the largest lake in the country and is a great place to spend a few days relaxing, hiking and kayaking!

How to get there

If you're coming from the islands or from Guatemala by land then you'll need to pass through San Pedro Sula to reach the lake.  Multiple buses depart from SPS bus terminal to various locations around the lake.  

If you're coming from Tegucigalpa there are also buses in the opposite direction that will pass the lake. 

If you get dropped off by your bus at La Guama then there will be tuk-tuk taxis waiting to take you to your destination around the lake.

Where to stay

There are several small towns around the lake that you could stay, we chose the tiny village of Los Naranjos due to it's easy access to the lake, eco-park and canal kayaking.

Other options would be Peña Blanca, La Guama and the Sector Lago de Yojoa area, however without a car these areas don't provide as easy access to the lake.

We chose to stay at the D&D Brewery and highly recommend this spot to anyone!

What to do


Parque Los Naranjos

An easy few hours can be spent wandering along the park's paths and boardwalks through all kinds of nature and some of the biggest trees we've seen!  The park is also home to some ancient ruins that pre-date the Mayans, but they're pretty small and in all honesty not the most impressive!

The entrance fee for foreigners is $6 US per person. 

Pulhapanzak Waterfall


If you're after an adventure then Pulhapanzak doesn't have to be just your regular falls visit!  

As well as chilled out swimming in the calm waters around the falls you can also opt for a tour that takes you UNDER AND BEHIND the giant 43 meters of cascading water!  You'll be adventuring around the falls for around an hour, holding on to your guide and the safety ropes with your eyes firmly held closed, pausing in several little caves and under rocky overhangs to catch your breath and take in where you're currently stood!   We read that this experience was 'intense' before we tried and thought to ourselves it can't be that crazy - but it actually really was and we can't recommend it enough! 

You can't wear flip flops under the falls as the rocks are slippery and you need good grip, but you can rent water shoes there.  We also don't recommend going bare foot as the rocks are sharp in places.

If standing under the falls doesn't sound like your thing then you can also zipline across them for an aerial view - we didn't do this but it also looked like great fun! 

Entrance to the park was 80 limpira each, and the behind the falls tour is an additional 350 limpira per person (or 250 limpira if you can prove you're staying at D&D Brewery with your booking confirmation).

Click here to watch our experience!
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