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This side of the country is definitely least visited by foreigners, but still very easy to access using public transport.
It's most easily accessible via San Salvador, there are frequent buses running from the City out to San Miguel and La Union and they should cost no more than $5 per person.  The journey doesn't take too long either as El Salvador is a pretty small country with good, straight roads!

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Espíritu de la Montaña

Definitely one of our favourite things to have done in El Salvador!
Watching the sun rise over El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua from the top of the volcano you just camped the night on isn't something you'll forget in a hurry! 

The mirador on which you camp is located at the top of Volcán Conchagua, and is only accessible by 4x4 car or the company shuttle truck that takes you up the mountain.  Due to the elevation and exposed position the wind can get pretty crazy up there at night, so go prepared! 
You'll need to make a reservation to be able to spend the night at the top which you can do via WhatsApp, and you'll also need to bring your own camping gear with you (or rent from someone in La Union as we did).  You'll be camping on a wooden deck, so make sure you have plenty of bedding under you!

Top Tip - avoid going up on a Friday or Saturday night if you can as everyone from the City goes out and it gets pretty crowded up there! 

You can find more info on the website for the mirador here -


San Miguel

In all honesty, we've only included San Miguel so that we can recommend you to skip this city

We spent one night here on our way to La Union after reading on a couple of blogs that the town deserves to be seen and not skipped as (the majority of) others had recommended - we can only assume those blog writers who are pro the city have not visited themselves! 

Out of everywhere we visited in El Salvador, this was the only place we felt very uncomfortable walking around.  You are instantly a target for street vendors and children demanding (not asking for) money. 
We are more than accustomed to being hassled with 10+ months in Latin America behind us, but the people here had a very different vibe about them, it was much more aggressive. 
Additionally, the town itself doesn't actually offer anything to see or visit so you aren't missing out!

On a positive note though, we did find some great pupusas here!   

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Gulf of Fonseca Island Tour

Sadly we didn't get to experience the island tour as in 2020 they were only leaving at 9am on a Sunday morning, and we were still at the top of Volcán Conchagua at that time! 
However, we would have loved the chance to spend a day exploring the various El Salvadorian islands of the Gulf of Fonseca!  We heard there's also the opportunity to camp overnight on one of the islands and have them collect you the next moring!

We found the tour being offered for $18 per person from the centre of La Union, including transportation, lunch and a full day on the boat from 9am to around 4pm.

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