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Bodrum has quickly become one of Turkey's most popular holiday destinations for couples and families looking to get away, but outside of the tourist zone this little town does have some great things to offer!

Over our whole month in Turkey we found the Turkish working in Bodrum to be the most pushy out of everywhere, the prices are high and it seems the favourite pass time is to rip the tourist off with scams such as fake taxes on restaurant bills!  But if you're ready for it, don't let that put you off of visiting this beautiful coastal town!

Where to stay

Bodrum is a small town so where you stay location wise isn't too important.  However know what you're looking for first - the family friendly resorts are a little further out of town and the more budget friendly small accommodation within walking distance of everything are within the town centre.  We stayed at Mavi Pension in the town and would stay here again! 

What to see

Bodrum can be a good base for seeing some of Turkey's highlights if you're up for some organised tours with relatively long journey's to the sites!


Bodrum Castle

On the outskirts of town lies the Bodrum Castle, overlooking the ocean and the town.  Wandering around the castle is a great morning of learning with some incredible views thrown in.

Within the castle is also the Museum of Underwater Archeology which has some great exhibitions to explore!

The entrance fee was 20TL per person.


The Bazaar & Coffee Hopping

The streets of Bodrum are lined with cute little shops and restaurants, all desperate for your attention!  It's a vibrant atmosphere and you can take home some great buys if you're good at haggling with the locals! 

The countless restaurants overlooking the beach and ocean are also a great place to unwind and relax for the afternoon. 


The Beach

If beaches are your thing then you're in luck in Bodrum as there's plenty to choose from, from quiet little coves to the busy main beach lined with restaurants and bars!  

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