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How to train effectively outside the gym

Having no gym doesn't have to mean no progress! Learn how to train effectively using just your bodyweight and resistance bands.

I hear it all the time - 'I can't make it to a gym and there's no point in training at home, I don't have any equipment'.

I haven't had access to a gym for 2 years now, and I'm almost happier than ever with my physique and progress! Training outside the gym can require a little extra thought and planning, but it is most definitely worth it!

Let's take a look at some of the techniques you can use right away to increase the effectiveness of your home training.

Tip #1 - Buy resistance bands

You don't need to go out and buy dumbbells, kettlebells and fancy TRX straps, but having just a couple of resistance bands will seriously increase the range of exercises you can do and give you the option of additional resistance.

Bands are cheap to buy, last a while and are perfect for carrying with you no matter where you are!

I would suggest purchasing some small 'hip bands' as well as some larger full body bands (like the blue one pictured above'. This will give you so many options to keep things interesting at a one-off cost of less than $20.

Tip #2 - Introduce pause reps

The biggest complaint about home training is often that you can't create enough resistance to really make your muscles work - by adding in a pause at the top of your exercise you are increasing the time your muscles spend under resistance, and therefore increasing the difficulty.

The pause does not need to be long, a second or two is sufficient. This is just enough to burn off any elastic energy your muscles are carrying, forcing them to do all the work to return you to your starting position.

Tip #3 - Utilise mechanical drop sets

You've probably heard of a drop set - reducing the weight you are using each set and perform each set to failure?

A mechanical drop set is similar, however we don't have weights to play with so instead we change our form to work slightly different muscles and further fatigue the group.

A great example are push up drop sets; you would start by performing 15 reps of standard push ups, and then immediately switch to perform incline push ups to failure. This is the equivalent of reducing the weight in a standard drop set as you are increasing the ease of the exercise.

Tip #4 - Mix it up

Mixing up your training styles is a great way to keep yourself motivated and interested! When working with just your body and a few bands you do have a more reduced variety of exercises you are able to perform than when you have an entire gym available to you, so keeping things fun and new is important for sustainability!

Try rotating between HIIT and resistance workouts as well as alternating body part days so you aren't performing the same exercises too frequently.

Now it's your turn!

So now you have a couple of tips on how to increase the effectiveness of your home workouts it's down to you to try them out!

Training from home or the beach or your hotel room is a great way to keep fit and healthy and shouldn't be disregarded by anyone, no matter what your level of experience!

If you are struggling with finding a sustainable & effective training program to reach your goals then check out our current services to see how we could help you reach them!

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