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Motivation Hacks

We all rely on motivation until it becomes dedication - so how do you get going!?

It might seem simple to 'just start', but it rarely is!

The human mind works in strange ways and despite your best intentions, gathering enough motivation to actually get those workouts in and think about your diet can seem an impossible task!

We've put together a few of our top tips for getting our clients started with their new programs!


1. Have a Plan

One of THE most important aspects of anything in life is to have a clear, structured plan in place to move you from point A to point B.

Without a plan, you're going nowhere!

I often hear 'I've been finding workouts on Instagram & YouTube I like' or 'I did some of my friends workouts'

Followed by 'but I'm not seeing any results...'

This isn't a coincidence. If you're throwing together random workouts or following a program meant for someone else then you aren't going to making consistent or meaningful progress.

Think of your body in the same way as a good food recipe - you need clear and concise ingredients and instructions to reach the desired end result.

Finding an online coach or in-person PT can help you out here.

2. Set Clear Goals

If you don't know what you're working towards, how can you put a plan in place to get there and how can you get motivated to achieve those goals!?

Your goals should be:

  1. Realistic - if the goal isn't realistic you won't stick to it as you'll know it's not achievable

  2. Clear - there should be no questions or vague details, if you want to lose weight how much? If you want to increase strength what's your measure?

  3. Timed - how quickly do you want to achieve the goal? You know you want to lose 10lbs but by when? If it's open ended then there's nothing really pushing you to work for it.

3. Buy New Workout Gear

This one may sound silly at first - but we all know how motivating new clothing can be!

Buy a new outfit and sneakers that you love and are excited about wearing!

New clothes make us feel good, they give us a little hit of dopamine and put you in a good mood. Use those feelings to your advantage and get a workout going while you're on a high!

4. Create a Strong Playlist

This also may seem like a small factor, but music can drastically change our mood and cause our brain to associate different music with different emotions and activities.

Create a workout playlist on your phone of the type of music that gets you going and feeling energised and start listening to it in the 20 minutes before you want to begin your session.

Your brain will start associating this music with 'it's time to work' and you'll feel ready to go!

5. Find an Accountability Buddy

If you aren't accountable to anyone then your chances of success are much lower!

Having someone checking in on you and making sure you're turning up can be a huge help because we naturally dislike letting others down and explaining why we didn't achieve something we said we were going to.

An accountability buddy isn't there to make you feel bad though - they're simply there to act as an unconscious poke to do what we said we would!

Good accountability buddy's can be your partner, a close friend, an online coach or an in-person PT. Whoever it is has the job of checking whether you're turning up and getting things done, so make sure you choose wisely!


We hope these few tips will help you get that initial motivation to jump start your fitness journey and start seeing the progress you're after!

If you're looking for a structured method of kickstarting things then why not check out our '28 Day Kickstart Challenge'!?

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