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Goal Setting for Progress

Why you shouldn't get hung up on the big picture goal

So you set yourself a goal to 'lose 15lbs in 5 months' or 'deadlift 2x the amount in 4 months', and that's become your sole focus of all efforts.

But are your efforts structured, well thought through and actually helping you reach that big picture goal?

Why focussing on the big picture only can be de-motivating

Progress is not linear. We do not stair step up nicely towards our goals, no matter how well we stick to plans and programs that are designed to get us there.

So if your sole measure of progress is based upon your progression towards one particular goal only you're doing to be disappointed at times, and this can lead to total loss of motivation to continue.

Let's look at an example:

You're focussing on reducing body fat, and you've decided you need to lose 15lbs in 5 months.

You begin training and eating healthy, nutritious food and weighing yourself once a week to track progress.

I can almost guarantee that some weeks your weight will not budge, it may even go up at times!

Weight loss is not linear, the body changes (particularly females with monthly cycles). This does not mean you aren't still making progress though.

Avoiding de-motivation with small weekly goals

Setting small goals each week that you know are helping you progress towards your big picture goal and consistently achieving them will help keep you motivated and on track.

By ensuring you are successfully achieving these small goals each week you are increasing your likelihood of achieving the big picture goal whilst removing the stress of not yet having achieved that big goal as it's no longer your primary and sole daily focus.

Weekly goal setting

So what type of things can you be focussing on each week to ensure you keep seeing progress and stay on track?

These small goals should be achievable and realistic and have a positive impact on your overall health. They should also not be too difficult to implement or achieve so that you are more likely to achieve them.

  • Set a goal to drink XX amount of water each day.

Hitting this goal every day will give you a sense of


Ensuring you are drinking enough water is also

foundational to any health goal.

  • Set a goal to train XX amount of times this week.

When you achieve your goal to turn up and get things

done as often as you said you would it feels

achievable and as though your goals are within reach.

  • Set yourself a realistic steps goal each day.

By reaching a steps goal you are ensuring your body is

keeping active. If your goal is weight loss this is a

particularly important aspect.

  • Set single meal nutrition target

If you know you are consuming a healthy breakfast you will be more likely to continue good nutrition throughout the day.

Achieving a goal so early on in the day is also great motivation to continue.

  • Set a sleep related goal

We all know how important good quality sleep is when it comes

to overall health & wellbeing, so setting a goal around your

sleeping habits will significantly improve your chances of meeting your big picture goal

The best thing about these goals?

These goals are absolutely FREE to implement and can be started TODAY!

Whether you have a big picture goal you are working towards or not, setting these little weekly targets for yourself can have a big impact on your overall health.

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