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Why you should be planning when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals

Are you a natural planner?

It doesn't matter whether planning comes naturally to you or not, if you have goals, you should be planning!

Planning your week


If you don't have your workout scheduled into your day you're much less likely to get it done!

Take the time to think about your day or your week and schedule in your training sessions - make yourself accountable to showing up. Without a plan your workout is much more likely to fall beside the wayside and you'll justify skipping it with how busy you were.


If you're scheduling your workout in, schedule it for the best time of day for you right from the start, that way there's no excuses not to show up and give it your all!

If you're a morning person schedule your training sessions first thing, if you have business calls then schedule it around them, if you have family commitments then choose a time that doesn't impact your responsibilities.

If you've already decided an appropriate time to get your training done and included it in your weekly schedule then there's really no reason to skip it!


If you have no one else holding you accountable then writing down what you're training and what you're doing that day is a great method of keeping yourself accountable.

It's suddenly not just in your mind, it's on paper or on the screen, it's out there in the world that you've said you're getting that done today - so you better do it!

Scheduling a workout with a friend or having a coach who has you scheduled in for a certain time is also a great method of keeping to your plans and getting it done.


Reducing the chances of skipping sessions is an easy method of ensuring you will continue progressing towards your goals, and if it's as simple as marking your sessions down in your diary why not use this helpful trick!?

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