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The poorest country in Central America with it's dangerous reputation still firmly alive, Honduras is looked past by most travellers - with the exception of Utila and Roatan which have broken away from the rep of the mainland in recent years! 

Although this country has it's problems, they aren't (for the most part) directed at tourists, and if you know where to go you can have an incredible time exploring this beautiful country!   

Choose a region


Copán Ruinas

Known as the 'Paris' of the Mayan world, these ruins offer a unique view on life in the ancient world



The largest of the Bay Islands and perhaps the most well known; Roatan has everything you need!


Lago Yojoa

Waterfalls, kayaking, bird watching and artisanal beers - the lake is the perfect getaway!

Goose, Honduras.jpg


The capital of Honduras and a City progressing each year!


Pico Bonito

The heart of the rainforest of Honduras, Pico Bonito National Park can be a relaxed escape or a full adventure!



A diver's paradise!  This small island is home to a number of dive shops and a close knit community not to be missed!

The basics

  • The currency is the Honduran Limpira - at the time of writing you'll get around 24 limps for $1 USD

  • On the whole the country is pretty cheap

  • Honduras is still classed as a third world country, with almost 60% of the country living below the poverty line

  • The Caribbean islands of Utila, Roatan and Guanaja have become pretty popular with divers and backpackers in recent years, and the cost of living here is therefore above average for the country 

  • The national food is the baleada and cost roughly 35 to 80 limpira each

  • The water is not safe to drink and you will need to buy bottled

  • Honduras is part of the CA-4, and as a UK or US tourist you therefore get 90 days total in the 4 countries under your visa

  • Although Tegucigalpa is the capital City, San Pedro Sula is currently statistically the most dangerous City in the country 

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