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Getting to & around Giza

The closest airport to Giza is the Cairo International Airport, from here you will need to take an Uber to your accommodation or a hotel shuttle if one is offered.
Once in Giza we only recommend travelling via Uber or your tour provider transport. 


The weather in Giza changes throughout the year.  
During summer months the temperatures can reach high 30s, while during winter it doesn't tend to get above early 20s.
For seeing the pyramids, October to May is the best time to visit.


The neighbourhood of Giza feels a little uneasy and is not somewhere we recommend walking around on your own. 
The hotels of Giza are safe within their boundaries and we can say with certainty that we felt perfectly safe during our time in Giza.

Where to stay in Giza

As an economical option with undisturbed view of the pyramids and sphinx we think the best place to stay in Giza is the Panorama Pyramids Inn. 
This is definitely nothing fancy, but the rooftop and bedroom balcony views are perfect! 
The rooms are clean, neutral and perfectly fine for the couple of nights you'll be there.  The rate includes a free Egyptian breakfast and free airport pick up if you stay 2 nights or more. 
From the hotel rooftop you have a clear view of the nightly pyramid sound and light show which is great to watch after dinner.

If you're looking for a more luxurious option then the Marriott is probably more suitable.  The Marriott also offers incredible views of the pyramids from the rooms and pool - it's just a little a lot pricier!

Your Giza Bucket List!


The Giza Pyramid Complex

The very thing you went to Egypt to see and that cannot be missed - the Giza Complex!

The complex is actually only a half day tour.  We highly recommend booking a tour guide before you get there for several reasons; firstly so that you can learn as you tour, but secondly so that the unofficial 'tour guides' and street sellers will leave you in peace once you're in! 

We recommend getting to the pyramids when they open at 8am to avoid crowds and the heat of the day.

In September 2021 an adult tourist ticket cost 200 LE for entrance to the pyramids and sphinx. 
If you want to enter inside the Great Pyramid it's an additional 400 LE per person, while entrance to the other two pyramids are only 100 LE extra and offer the same experience once inside.

Unless you're particularly fussed on saying you went inside the central ancient wonder of the world then we actually suggest skipping that experience here and climbing inside at Dahshur instead.

Saqqara Step _edited.jpg


Much lesser known and lesser visited is the site of Saqqara which is about 17km South of Giza.

Saqqara is where you will find the Step Pyramid, which is actually Egypt's oldest pyramid!  It was built by the Pharaoh Djoser in the 3rd dynasty before they knew how to build smooth sided ones.

If you want to, you are able to crawl down the shaft into the pyramid of Teti here to see the tomb inside, as well as one of the best preserved tombs covered in still colourful hieroglyphics from over 4,000 years ago!

Most tours of the Giza Complex will also include Saqqara.

The entrance to Saqqara is 180 LE per person.



Even less visited than Saqqara is Dahshur - famous for the 'Red' and 'Bent' Pyramids.

The architect who designed this pyramid got his angles wrong, and had to change half way through construction which has given the pyramid its famous 'bent' look!
This pyramid is also unique as the shiny white outer blocks that used to line all of the pyramids remain largely intact here, giving you a better impression of what they would have looked like thousands of years ago.

As at Saqqara, you can also enter the Bent Pyramid - this is quite a challenge and definitely not for the claustrophobic!  It's a very long way down with multiple steep steps back up once you're in to visit each of the rooms - you're also kept company by the bats!

You can also enter into the Red Pyramid which is a little less physically challenging than the Bent Pyramid - although still pretty tough!

The entrance fee to Dahshur is only 60LE a person and includes entry into both pyramids.

Pyramids 1.JPG

The Sound & Light Show

We hadn't heard about the Giza Complex Sound & Light show until we arrived at our hotel in Giza.

Every night, the pyramids and Sphinx are lit up in various colours as the Sphinx narrates the story of Egypt from 'his' point of view.  We were lucky enough that we could see and hear the show from the rooftop of our hotel, but you also have the option of heading into the complex and sitting right in-front of the Sphinx - which to be honest is probably a really cool experience! 

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