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Egypt is one of those bucket list travel countries - you just can't not see it! 
With a visible history stretching back over 5,000 years it takes some advance planning to make sure you see it all.

The Basics

Currency & Costs

The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (LE).  
$1 USD is equivalent to around 15LE.

Overall, Egypt is an inexpensive country to travel, with the exception of the main holiday hotspots of Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam which can get pretty pricey for all-inclusive hotels.


This is probably stating the obvious, but Egypt gets HOT!  We do not recommend visiting Egypt from late May through to early September as temperatures reach into the 40s and you simply cannot adventure in that.

March & April as well as late September to early November are still pretty hot and dry but you'll be able to be out all day still.


Egypt has a reputation of being pretty dangerous, but we think it's come a long way as the government invested in a Tourist Police division who are stationed at all major tourist attractions. 

You will want to have a higher degree of awareness and keep things out of sight in Egypt still though.

How to dress

Egypt is a Muslim country and you should therefore dress conservatively out of respect.
The popular beach areas are an exception to this where shorts and bikinis are accepted and tolerated.

To enter any religious site in Egypt women must cover their shoulders and knees and men are asked to wear long trousers/pants to the ankle.


If you're on a U.K, US or European passport then you will get a 30 day visa in Egypt.  You can apply online before you travel using the E-Visa system or you can get a visa stamp on arrival at the airport.  The visa at the airport will cost $25 and can only be paid in cash using US dollars.
You can renew the tourist visa in person in Cairo or simply leave and re-enter if you need.

Must see places in Egypt...

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Top Things to do in Egypt..

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Nile Cruise
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Hike Mount Sinai
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