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If you're investigating Egypt to visit or travel, then chances are you've already heard the town of Dahab being thrown around as the 'next spot'! 

It's become known as one of those places that has a way of making you extend your stay just a night or two more.. Then another few nights more.. Then another week.. The next thing you know you've been there a few months!

We don't think a trip to Egypt is complete without including this little town so let us tell you more!

Getting to Dahab

There's only one road in and out of Dahab, so you either take a taxi or a bus from Sharm El-Sheikh.

We took a taxi as we were told the bus is almost as expensive as the taxi for 2 people, it doesn't leave that regularly and is definitely not as comfortable.  The taxi cost around $20USD one way and took 1.5 hours.  It seems to be a fairly set rate to get there.

TIP: Make sure you have your passport handy on the ride down (whether you choose the bus or taxi) as there are frequent guarded check points you must pass on this road.
The checkpoints are manned by the police so they can keep track of who is moving in and out of the areas.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Dahab is between late August and early November - the temperatures are lower than those in peak summer months, but higher than the mid-winter months.  
No matter when you visit rain is unlikely to be an issue - Dahab is in the desert!


Best places to stay in Dahab

Dahab is a relatively small town, so you can't go too far wrong!
However, if you're without a car or bike to get around then you'll want to stay around Lighthouse or Eel Gardens (named after the dive sites just offshore) so that you have easy access to the shops, bars and restaurants.

There are lots of little guesthouses, hotels and AirBnB's available. 
We stayed at Eel Garden Villas which we booked through AirBnB.
The accommodation was an entire apartment suite with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a full kitchen and semi-working WiFi - a rarity in Dahab! 
We had a great time at this place and even extended our stay.

Is there WiFi in Dahab?


Working at Mirage with a friend!

Dahab has become a popular spot among Digital Nomads since late 2021 - the secret of the amazing community and lifestyle is definitely out! 
However, the serious lack of accessible internet is a big negative of choosing Dahab as your DN location.

In October 2021 there was one 'co-working space' in the town called Mojo Cafe - it's located in the Lighthouse area and it often had a strong enough connection to hold a zoom call, however it wasn't by any means guaranteed.  It does also have AC which is essential, although again not guaranteed!

We also found that Mirage and Eel Garden View restaurants frequently had strong enough connections to get online, but definitely not good enough to hold calls.  If the WiFi was down in one of these restaurants it was common for the other to be online so we switched between them regularly.  An added bonus of working from these restaurants was the amazing sea views and 4 legged office friends!

It seemed that most accommodations around town advertised that they have WiFi - however these didn't appear to be 'working' WiFi connections! 


The best places to eat in Dahab!

Luckily Dahab is not short on great restaurants and bars for you to choose from!

The street comes alive at night with place after place hustling for your business with offers of discounts and 'the best seat in the house' overlooking the water!

Here's a few of the places we enjoyed while we were there!

Mirage Restaurant
As mentioned above we worked here a few times, not only was the WiFi functioning and the views amazing, but the food was also pretty good!

Resto Bar
We ate here for both dinner and lunch and enjoyed the food both times, but the best part is definitely being sat on the sand with the waves just behind you!

Shark Restaurant
We had a really great dinner here and the perfect table at the end overlooking the water.  The ceiling is covered with multi-coloured hanging lanterns and the atmosphere is fun and buzzing!


A slightly different dinner spot set back from the main walkway.  You need to book your dinner at Zanooba Slow Cooking the day before and tell them exactly what you want, at what time and for how many people so that it can be prepared for you.  We ordered a whole duck which came with potatoes and vegetables for 3 and it was incredible!

Top Things to do in Dahab!

Despite being small, Dahab has no end of fun activities to do on offer!

Diving in Dahab

Dahab is primarily a diving and free diving spot - being on the Red Sea (well almost, technically it's the Gulf of Aqaba) the water is warm, clear and full of life!

The front row of Dahab is almost one after the other of dive shops, so the choice is endless as to who you dive or free dive with and as far as we heard - they're all pretty good and equally matched in price.

Lots of the dives are shore dives so are really cheap - we paid $20 including all equipment per shore dive! 
Boat dives are also offered although they run less frequently - only when there's enough people.  We didn't do a boat dive so are unsure on the cost.

There are some key dive sites to hit while you're here including the Blue Hole and Caves.

Free diving courses here take 3 days and cost over $200 per person - we didn't end up doing it for this reason.

For any non-divers that still want to see the under water world, snorkelling here is great right from the shore so you don't need to go far.  Eel Garden was a particularly popular spot although at certain times of day you shouldn't enter the water due to unsafe conditions - there are signs everywhere telling you when this is so pay attention!

Hike Mount Sinai

The other main reason people come to Dahab - to hike Mount Sinai at night!

One of your nights in Dahab should be spent climbing up the mountain to watch the sunrise over Dahab - it's a challenging hike but 100% worth the effort!

The tours leave town around 11pm and arrive at the base of the mountain by 1am.  Don't be fooled into thinking this will be a peaceful experience - on any given night there can be up to 800 climbers heading up the mountain!! 
It's a set route to the top but it's a busy one, it's best to hike in a small group of even pace so that you can get ahead of the crowds.  It's common for lots of older people to be doing this hike so you'll want to respectfully make your way around them to continue on up and claim your sunrise spot!

The top of the mountain is unsurprisingly FREEZING COLD!  You can rent thick blankets at the top to sit on and wrap up in which we highly recommend - especially if you're a quicker hiker and you reach the top a few hours before the sunrise as we did!

Once the sun has risen everyone will start to make their way down the mountain again before the sun gets too hot.  The tours include a stop at St Catherine's Monastery at the base of the climb where you can see the Burning Bush from the Bible as well as The Well of Moses.

You should arrive back into Dahab around midday - don't plan too much for the rest of the day as you'll be shattered!

IMG_2545 2.JPG

The Red & White Deserts of Dahab

One of the other main experiences to have during your time here is a trip out to the desert.

Most trips include both the White Canyon and Coloured Canyon - totally different environments but equally as impressive and extremely Mars-like!

Your guide for the day will likely be a local Sinai Bedouin who's family have lived in the desert for generations.  They will take you out in 4x4 vehicles to experience these deserts, with a stop for Egyptian tea and lunch in the middle at a desert oasis.

These tours leave Dahab around 8am and have you arriving back around 3-4pm in the afternoon.  It's a long hot day in the sun so take plenty of water and sun tan lotion! 

Image by Raimond Klavins

More adventures in Dahab

As well as these highlight adventures of Dahab you can also:

1. Visit Abu Galum just north of the Blue Hole. 
There isn't a whole lot to do here except soak up the sun and snorkel around the pristine oceans!

2. Kitesurf or Windsurf
We didn't see anyone doing this, however it's advertised everywhere that Dahab is a great spot for these activities - we can testify there's certainly wind!

3. Go on a camel safari
Being a desert town Dahab isn't short of a camel or two!  You can take a camel out to watch the sunset for a few hurs with a local bedouin guide!

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